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Product Name: Link building service | #1 SEO Service | Build one way links | High quality one way link building

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Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Getting traffic to your websites is not fun. It’s hard and it usually takes a long time. In
many cases, too much time… So much that you might be ready to call it quits.

That’s why I’m not going to waste any time here with hype and fluff. Instead, I’m going to get straight to the meat of what this
system can and will do for you.

You see, our system is all about increasing your search engine rankings, so that you can get more FREE traffic to your websites.
And to accomplish this, we’ve created a very unique system where you can build thousands of one-way links to your websites. As you know…

More Backlinks = Higher Google Rankings = More Traffic!

Here’s a specific example that shows you that the more quality one-way links you have, the higher Google rankings
you’ll have as well. Below is one of my own websites that is currently in the SEOLinkVine network.

This site is in one of the most competitive niches online… the “weight loss”

These stats were gathered for just one keyword phrase that now brings
in over 2,000+ visitors per day to my site. All 2,000 visitors come
from this 1 keyword phrase.

This chart shows the total backlinks that our site had back in November when we started. As you can see, my backlinks
consistently increased over time…. and with that, Google rankings increased… And you guessed it: I got MORE TRAFFIC!

From 257 to 28,900 backlinks in a little over 3 months!

adding 28,900 backlinks, our rankings went from position
#69 to #1 for this incredibly difficult keyword to rank for!

You can see the consistent increase in rankings below in all major search engines.
Before December, my site wasn’t ranked anywhere in Google. Now… it’s ranked
#1 for a VERY competitive keyword… And check out the traffic I’m getting
to this site now! (see the next chart, below)

visitors per day to this 3 month old website!

How was I able to achieve great results like this?

It’s not just the age of your site.

It’s not just the on-page ranking factors like keywords, meta tags, title tags, and the name of your domain.

The #1 factor is quite simply the total number of quality one-way backlinks that your site has!

As you can see from my stats above, I was able to take a brand new site in
one of the most competitive niches online (the weight loss industry), and
after just 3 months of creating the site, it was ranked #1 in Google!

From those rankings alone, I’m now getting over 6,000 visitors per day to
that one site… coming straight from the search engines, for free!

So How Did I Get Such High Rankings
In Such A Short Period of Time?

Article Marketing. Plain and Simple…

You’ve heard of article marketing I’m sure… But if you haven’t, it’s really straightfoward.

The traditional method goes something like this:

You submit your articles to directories, wait for other site owners to pick up your articles and publish them on
their sites, and sit around and wait for your backlinks from those articles to build over time, yada yada yada… Doing
it this way takes FOREVER to see good results.

That’s why I’ve put a new spin on things and achieve even better results. I do things a bit differently, and have
created a system for doing this for me and my other members.

I wanted to create something that would allow marketers like you and I to come together in one HUGE network to help
faciliate our SEO efforts, build more backlinks for all of our sites, and in the end generate more free traffic than
all of us will be able to handle. I wanted to do this together with you in a 100% ethical, white-hat way that Google
and other search engines love!

Let’s get one thing straight before we continue…

My goal online is to be able to do this “internet business” thing for the long term! And the only way to do that is
to set up your websites like a legitimate business, and stay away from the so-called “tricky, black hat” strategies.

So how does this benefit you?

Every single method and strategy that I implement are longterm strategies.

I can’t stand black-hat, unethical, and “scheme-type” methods when it comes to anything I’m associated with (online
or offline). That’s not how I work, nor is it who I am as a person.

The software and “network” I’ve built is 100% legit and ethical. It’s not about doing any “dirty” spamming across the
internet to build “fake backlinks”. We’re not here to trick Google. And you shouldn’t either.

I am talking about building YOUR links on highly-related, on-topic blog posts, with the goal of getting hundreds of
REAL one-way backlinks so that you can quickly increase your Google rankings.

This is unlike any other article marketing service online.
So trying to compare this system to something else you’ve seen or used is
really diffcult to do, if not impossible.

don’t just take my word for it, listen to what SEO Link Vine Members are saying…

“I have became a member of seolinkvine
since the first month they opened to public , And now
3 of my sites with a very competitive keyword has rank
in 1 page of Google & yahoo between #1 – #5 all only
for using seolinkvine in 1,5 month.”

“I had been focusing on two keywords for my campaign,
I received the top spot in google for both of them after
a few weeks. SEOlinkVine opened some ideas about spreading
some good information on a couple of other sites I run.
After getting your first results you will start trying
to find more time to write articles. It’s fun to watch
and monitor the success!”

“Brad, I used one of my brand new sites
with new domain name to test SEO Linkvine. I had zero
backlinks and I literally submitted 1 article and within
2 weeks my site was ranked #1 on Yahoo & hasn’t moved
since. The Article on Demand feature is great because
I get instant backlinks with 100% related content. I also
like that if you have your own website you have fresh
new related content at your fingertips. I would recommend
SEO Linkvine to anyone.”

“Hi, my name is Patrick Shelley and using
SEO link vine I have been able to have 5 out of 5 sites
make the 1st page of Google (I don’t check the others,
Yahoo ect…). I have more sites that I am now building
and anticipate the same type of results. Of course you
have to do your keyword research correctly. But that being
said Brad’s service getting hundreds of links for just
one article dripped over time and with no real footprint
(I checked) is truthfully a very good solid value for
the money especially when most services have so many problems
all the time. Bottom line: great value, good solid service
and always being improved by a pretty smart guy. What
more would you want?”

“We have been using SEO Link Vine for one month
and have seen substantial results already. We were stuck
on page two and three of Google for the highly competitive
keyword term “business consultant” but now enjoy
a permanent spot on page one. Other examples of competitive
keywords where we have moved to the first page of Google
include “business funding plan” and “business
turnaround planning”. Keywords where we rank on the
second page of Google and making a move include “comprehensive
business plan”, “funding plan”, “business
plan workbook”, “turnaround business plan”
and “business planner”. I highly recommend
this service (and I have tried a lot of SEO services).”

“I always believed in Brad Callen’s service
and took not more than 15 second to join SEOLinkvine service
after they opened service to public. I am too lazy and I
was sure to get benefited from this service with less work.
I started with one blog which is ‘make money online’ niche
and you know how tough it is to rank for this. In spite
of my 3-4 months of link building exercise I was not under
1000 for any of the main term ‘Make money online’, ‘ways
to make money online’, ‘how to make money online’ or ‘how
to make money’. Thanks to SEOlinkvine, I have submitted
only 3 articles and my site straightway appeared to 252
position in google for term “ways to make money online”,
mind you… I was not in top 1000.”

“What can I say my website now resides on
a number one page in Google. SEOLinkVine has certainly had
the desired effect in boosting my site up the rankings.
Before starting out with SEOLinkVine it was always a problem
to get our site noticed, however, now through the network
of blogs around the globe my site is sitting pretty. We
still have much work to do to maintain our status and that
will continue with the network support. Not bad when you
consider up until a few months ago we were languishing way
down on page 20!, now I’m up there page one (not quite at
the top, but getting there)out of a possible 10 million
results Google returns. Thanks again for all your efforts,
we now have the confidence to build our growing business
and make a fantastic return on all our time, effort and
hard work”

“When I first joined SEO Link Vine I tested
it out by submitting one article (spun into eight versions)
to support a Squidoo lens of mine that had always bounced
back and forth between page 1 and 2 of Google, most of the
time sitting at or near the top of page 2. Even though it’s
on a very obscure subject, my article has been picked up
by 27 publishers, and now my lens consistently sits at number
three on the 1st page of Google, just under Wikipedia and
one other site. Needless to say, I’ve seen a dramatic increase
in traffic and sales.”

“I am new to SEOLV, in fact just only 2
months, but it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t produced any
positive results for me. In fact, over the last week, I
have witnessed few of my keywords risen in ranking – one
of them is so competitive that in a short period of 6 days,
the ranking has rose to 65 from nowhere when I posted the
article with the keyword. The rest of the keywords that
have found their ranks in the top 10 has been consistent
in that level since. I do have to admit that I do not like
to write, and I only submitted the articles like once in
about every 2 weeks (yes, only 4 articles so far) – it is
still amazing to see the power of SEOLV – my back links
to my site is increasing…thank you SEOLV and thank you,

“Hi Brad, Just wanted to stop by and thank
you for an amazing service that you have going here. I just
wrote a handful of articles and my money site has jumped
from position 411 in Google to position 71 for a medium
competition keyword. Seolinkvine makes the task of building
links so much easier. Thanks once again and I look forward
to seeing my websites climb up the search results.”

“My site had languished on page 2 – 3 of
Google for its fairly competitive primary keyword. I used
SEOLinkVine to target it for the past few months and last
week it jumped from around position 20-odd to 6 and stuck
there! SEOLinkVine is a great network and well worth the

“Brad, I had 2 websites that weren’t getting
ranked any higher than the 3rd or 4th page on Google. After
submitting 2 articles with 5 titles and spun to a 50% unique,
we are on the 1st page of Google for both sites. ONE OF
THEM IS RANKED NUMBER 1! That site is less than 60 days
old and the articles were published a week ago now. I already
have between 15-20 backlinks directly from the articles
and I got my first Clickbank sale without any paid traffic.
I am stoked!”

“I launched a new automated blog in a fairly
competitive niche a few months ago for the purpose of generating
revenue. After manually submitting and posting tons of articles
through other services and still seeing no search results,
I became very frustrated. I was pleased to discover SEOLinkVine.
After only 8 weeks of use, my blog went from invisible on
google, to 400, then 300, then 200, and now to #38. I expect
to be on page 1 within another few weeks and the revenue
generated by that site will pay for my SEOLinkVine membership
MANY times over. Thanks for this great tool!”

“Hi Brad, Our business KPM helps small businesses
with internet strategy and getting more customers online.
SEOLV has become a fundamentally important part of our business
process for ranking these websites in Google, Yahoo and
Bing. What businesses need from their tools is a dependable
return on time investment and the return so far from SEOLV
has been excellent. We have been writing great fresh content
for this network for 6 weeks now, and the very first of
our customers we helped through SEOLV now has mid page #1
rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing for very competitive
keywords. We fully expect more great progress as we go and
we are very excited on how this tool will help our company
grow into the future.”

“Hi Brad, Wanted to drop you a line and let
you know how SEO Linkvine is working out. In a word, GREAT!
I cranked up a new site in May and made SEO Linkvine part
of my arsenal. While “Big G” and Yahoo drug their
feet a little indexing me Bing got on it quick. On May 23
my site was in position 102 on Bing. Now, June 6, position
48. (less than 2 weeks) and I haven’t dedicated near the
time writing articles that I should have. Do your SEO and
use SEO Linkvine and your position will improve quick! I
am revising some pages on my site and Linkvine will be there.
Thanks again!”

“Amazing! When I joined SEO Link vine a little
more than a month ago, I was on Page Three of a very competitive
keyword term with “1,640,000 listings”. I just
never seemed to be able to get over the hump. Now, I’m blown
away, because I’ve jumped to page one and I’m also, the
first listing! I can’t really explain the jump other than
the extra Free content I’m able to adding thru SEO Link
Vine and the Extra Back Links I have received. Rock On!”

“Since we began using SEOLV, we have seen
our ranking increase on our top 10 keywords from pages 7-10
to pages 1-3 in just a few short weeks. As a new company
starting out to gain this much traction early on is a tremendous
testimony to how well the SEOLV system works.”

“Hi Brad, I just wanted you to know how amazing
SEO LinkVine really is. My main keywords were all ranking
in Google around pages 4 and 5 and were generating few visits
and no sales. After only 3 weeks with SEO LinkVine ALL my
keywords have risen dramatically and I now even have a double
listing on page 1 of Google. Sales have more than doubled
so a big 10/10 to all the team at SEO LinkVine. Truly remarkable!”

“After reading positive opinions on SEOLinkvine,
I decided to give it a try. So far, I’m one month in and
I’ve seen significant results for my main money site. This
site was in and out of the Google top 10 for its keywords
– but mostly out. I was eager to get it stablized in a good
spot, since top Google rankings make a significant difference
in my daily revenue.

After three weeks and about a dozen topical articles
submitted to SEOLinkvine, I’m pleased to report that my
site seems to have settled into position 3 for its main
(and fairly competetive) keyword and holds several other
top 5 spots as well – and it’s been there now for over a

In just two and a half weeks we moved from position
11 to position 5 on the competitive “discount office
supplies” keyword phrase.”

“Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know how my
SEO Linkvine experience has gone. I do a lot of PPC in the
education niche but never really thought about getting to
the top of any of my organic keyword rankings.

After signing up for SEO Linkvine, optimizing my site
for SEO and submitting articles, I went from ranking in
the 300s to ranking on the front page on Google and #1 on
Yahoo for some pretty competitive search terms. I am very
excited about the possibilities that come with using the
product and I can’t wait to submit additional articles for
additional sites. Thanks for the great product.”

“I had a blog which was ranking on Yahoo at #78.
I started with SEO Link Vine in the pre-launch because I
saw the incredible value. I have only submitted 2 articles
as I have not had more time to submit anymore and within
about 6 – 8 weeks I jumped to position #9 from #78 on Yahoo!
I also receive content through the network for this blog.
I am excited to ramp up the articles now and know it will
continue to rock the search engines!”

“When I signed up for SEOLinkVine, my 3
websites all ranked around 80th in Google. After only
1 month, all 3 of them rank within the top 5 results on
the first page of Google for highly competitive keyword
phrases. No other article marketing system offers the
quality of spinning, ranking statistics, and great user-friendly
interface that SEOLinkVine provides. Brad has once again
outdone himself with another fantastic internet marketing

“I just joined SEOLinkVine and so far, I’ve seen
great results! Before I joined, my site was nowhere to
be found in the serps but within a short time, there my
site was, on page 1 in Google for my phrase! I thank Brad
and SEOLinkVine for that!”

When I say “article marketing”, what article directory do you think of? I know who I think of.,
and rightfully so, they’re a great directory. By far, the most quality directory online. I love those guys. Very quality article directory.

But, why do most of us write and submit articles? To get backlinks. We “hope” that others will see our articles in and other directories, take them, and then add them to their own sites… which then, gives us a
backlink to our website.

Getting one-way links using this method is so incredibly slow and frustrating that it’s “almost” a lost cause. If you
currently think that’s a good way to build one-way backlinks then you’re going to be amazed with SEOLinkVine, because that old
way of article marketing is literally stone age “crap”.

SEOLinkVine was built with the end-user in mind so that anyone (newbie beginner or marketing expert) can use it to
achieve great results and get them FAST.

No matter what level you are as a marketer, this system will work for you.

The process couldn’t be any easier…

If it’s such a breeze to use, then why isn’t everyone using it?!

Well… Until Now, there has never been a network of this magnitude available to the public.

The sites in the article network are real sites owned by real people just like you and me. The sites in the network want
your content. They’re asking us to post it to their sites because they don’t want to take the time to write it.

So it’s a win-win situation for the site owners AND more importantly, for you!

I know what you may be thinking… “Excellent. A network of thousands of spammy, crap sites.”

Nope. We don’t allow that here! We only allow high quality sites in our network. The sites are reviewed prior to
submitting content to them.

So in Google’s eyes, you can’t get any more legit than this… It’s as good as it gets!

We just hook up the people that want content with the people that want links by writing content. And we automate
the whole process!

Is 100% “Google-Friendly” and Is
Guaranteed To Increase Your Backlinks!

Plus I love the added bonus of being able to automatically
put fresh unique content back on my blogs. This is truly
a win-win situation, and I’ll definitely be telling people
I know in the SEO world about this website. I will make
up the difference to use this program for the entire year
in less than 2 months! Everything after that is pure profit.”

“Hi Brad, I tested out SEO linkvine for a
six pack abs blog i started purely for testing purposes
(which is what i always do with any new software), I found
SEO linkvine extremely easy to use and after writing just
5 articles and waiting 2 weeks i noticed i had gone from
NO backlinks to over 38 backlinks in two weeks! My new ‘test’
site was even sandboxed by Google due to the extremely fast
nature of my backlinking strategy. I never give testimonials,
and generally speaking i loathe the fact that most internet
marketers make money from scamming people, but this is far
from it, this is the real deal mate, you have my vote. Keep
up the good work!”

“I’ve been using SEOLinkVine for over a month now
and I am very pleased with this service. I have received
200+ links using just 5 articles and a few hours of my time.
I believe this service has the power to improve your rankings
and boost the number of one way links your websites receive.”

“I think numbers speak louder then words in this
case. Screen shot 1 & 2: Analytics showing the increase
in traffic since adding my blogs to SEOLV. Screen shot 3:
My rankings for a site in a very competitive niche keyword
market. I think the most important element if the number
of links I’ve built. In the past 30-60 days I’ve added 5800
links to one of my sites with minimal work. Let me know
if you want more info from me…”

Once you follow the blueprints, go through the training and use SEOLinkVine:

You’ll build more and more exposure to your websites while generating thousands of one-way backlinks

You’ll start to see your time involvement decrease, while your traffic and income increase

You’ll wish you had access to SEOLinkVine earlier!

If you act NOW, You Can Get Instant Access to SEOLinkVine
at a Limited Time Only Special Price

I want this to be something that anyone starting out can afford. For this low price, you can increase your search
rankings and traffic faster than the ‘average’ site owner.

You’ll be able to submit a large number of articles every
month to build massive numbers of backlinks over time!

The bottom line is, SEOLinkVine WORKS. It’s already field-tested, and proven to deliver results.

There are no outrageous claims, no crap about making a half million dollars
with a single click of the mouse… Because at the end of the day, if you
believe in that type of nonsense, then you’re better off buying a lottery
ticket. Period.

You can quit at anytime for whatever reason during the first 60 days… actually you don’t even need a reason.
You can just ask us to cancel your account and request a refund, and I’ll give it to you.

I’m THAT confident that this will build massive amounts of links for your websites, and that you won’t think
twice about why you joined!

I don’t want you locked into something that you don’t feel is a great thing for your traffic generation and
online business.

If it’s not for you, contact our 24 hour support department any time during the first 60 days.

You risk nothing in giving it a try today…

Yes, I realize that this ridiculous no risk offer will lead to a few people ripping us off, but I didn’t create
this offer for those people. It was created for those 95% of people that are serious about increasing their online business.

With that said, I’m willing to deal with the 5% of scammers out there, in order to help the “good guys” like you.

If you’re serious about increasing your search engine rankings, building your backlinks, and dominating your
competition, get full access to SEOLinkVine today while the special discount is still available!

I’m extremely excited about this. Let’s get started right now!

I want to take advantage today. Give me access now!

See you in the members area,

Brad Callen

Bryxen Software, Inc.

“Brad, I love your new SEOLinkvine! I started with
just one blog but now I added 5 more because I get such
great content and I don’t have to lift a finger. I got over
1100 articles in less then one month. Also I submitted 19
articles and they were given to 748 other blog owners.

WOW! And one great note, my website traffic has soared
by 4 times the number of daily visitors since I started
this with you, so A GREAT big THANK YOU!”

“Brad, I’ve been marketing and publishing online
more than 25 years and SEO LinkVine is without doubt the
easiest system I’ve ever utilized. I’ve never seen a better
tool for turning content into a dependable profitable flow
of traffic!”

“I’ve been using SEO Linkvine since the launch and
I have seen definite improvement in rankings and growth
in backlinks to my sites. The best part about SEOLinkvine
is that it becomes more and more cost efficient the more
sites you add to the network.

Considering your monthly cost is fixed each site and
article you add to the network brings your overall cost
per link down and in the end amounts to significant savings
comparing to some other services. Constant tracking ability
is also very nice. Overall, I would recommend SEOLinkvine,
especially if you’re running multiple websites like I am.”

“I have used Brad Callen’s products for years, mainly
all his SEO tools. When I was first introduced to SEOLinkVine,
I knew this was a no BRAINER! The ability to take one article
and spin it into 30+ articles, to easy. I track my all my
submissions with “Google Alerts” to see if my
articles are getting picked up. Yes, I get “Google
Alerts” daily letting me know my articles were index,
not only were they index but that means I got a BackLink
and more Traffic Coming! Another great product from the
Rock Star Brad Callen, would recommend to anybody.”

“I use a variety of services to promote my websites
online. SEOLinkVine is fast moving to the top of a short
list of tools I like, and use, the most. The SEOLinkVine
interface is clean, the speed at which I can add new posts
is a welcome departure from the “other guys”,
and the addition of important statistics is the icing on
the cake. I intend to continue using SEOLinkVine in my traffic
building efforts — it’s simply a great program.”

“Since joining SEOLinkVine 42 days ago, our articles
with backlinks have been published 842 times. We have already
seen some very significant movement in the search engine
ranks and looking for even better results. This is the
single most important thing that we have done for the ranking
of our website in the last 6 years. Congratulations and
many thanks to Brad Callen and Company.”

“Hi Guys! Just a few words to say how pleased l
am with using SEO Linkvine.Since l started submitting articles
about 6 weeks ago, i’ve managed to get upto page one on
google for 4 really competitive keywords.

For another really really competitive keyword, l was
ranked at number 234in google when l started. l am now at
position 26, which is pretty amazing.And thats with only
17 articles which have been published over 800 times! l’ve
tried a few other similar services but nothing compares
to SEO Linkvine.Excellent value for the price too. Keep
up the good work.”

“Brad, I work for David Williams and help him write
articles by using SEO Link Vine. I can certainly attest
to its ease of use. SEO Link Vine is a clean and effective
way to put quality content in front of people on the web.
The interface is extremely easy to use, and features such
as “word count” as well as the other editing tools
located at the top of each article spreadsheet facilitate
the article writing process.”

“I had always had a problem ensuring my generic
key words ranked highly in the search engines. Once I started
using SEOLinkVine, this position started to change in a
short space of time. Within five days, I had moved into
the top ten with 195 healthy links to my main authority

The same applied to my partner’s site which is a totally
different offline training business. The key for me was
to start with the main key words and work from that. I still
have a long way to go but SELOLinkVine has done something
very special for me. First and foremost it raised my morale
as an IMer through tangible results. Highly recommended.”

“Have been using Seo Link Vine for around two weeks
now, I add on average 2 articles’ a day, and have had about
800 spun articles published with another 150 or so pending.
Easy to use and with 3 links per article it is a truly amazing
system, much much better than anything else out there. Looking
forward to watching my rankings grow. Thanks!”

“What a great way to produce valuable inbound links
for your deep pages and a great way to have content on the
back of your own sites. Deep links can be easily and quickly
obtained using the spin option to spread the links around.
We have seen many long tail phrases appear in the search
engine rankings just from using this technique.”

“Hey Brad! I just had to go on record as
saying “I love SEOLinkVine”! I started a new blog
only a few days before I found SEOLinkVine and getting Free
content for it was perfect! The article writing tool is
awesome and a huge assistance to my writing. My Blog is
still a PR0 but given the number of readers and their comments,
it’s only a matter of time before it skyrockets up! Thanks
for the great software!”

“Hi Brad, I have been with SEO Linkvine for
about 6 weeks now and have seen steady increases in page
position. Most of my keywords are in great demand, however
they are all moving in the right direction. I am also using
site for similar work, however the ability to actually see
results from you is great and very encouraging. Thanks!”

“Where do I start? To be quite honest I didn’t
know what to expect, but I have used and trust Brad’s tools
and subscribed without a second thought. I launched the
site on 4/28/2010. The same day I added the blog for this
website to SEOLinkVine and started systematically adding
articles. As of today, 6/8/2010, the website is already
ranked in Google for multiple, competitive search terms.
What about the ‘sandbox’? Never happened in this case. The
bottom line is I saw revenue start flowing within two days!
The best part is the revenue is growing daily and I’m already
getting ready to launch another website. Don’t waffle around
if you are still deciding. Get going and make SEOLinkVine
one of the main tools in your bag.”

“I have been using seolinkvine for just over
a month and had great amount of articles published on many
sites equally to many links pointing to my site. I have
used many softwares before but nothing as easy as seolinkvine.
It takes minutes to add and edit different variations. Plus
you can see when each submission is being published, so
you can track the links building.”

“Brad, I have been using SEO Linkvine for
a couple weeks now. It’s too early to see an impact on my
rankings, but I couldn’t be happier with the service. I
have submitted six articles so far, and they have already
been posted well over 100 times, generating hundreds of
links to my sites. Not all of the content submitted to my
blogs has been exactly relevant, but I have already published
approximately 20 articles over the past two weeks. The best
things about the software are how easy it is for me to put
my blogs in the system to get free content and how useful
the software is for creating variations in the articles
posted by members so there’s no duplicate content. I highly
recommend SEO Linkvine for both purposes.”

“I have been using SEOLINKVINE for only 2
weeks now, and one of my main keyword phrases has gone from
456 on Google to 126. This might not sound like much, but
ALL my other Keyword Phrases are getting back-links daily
and moving up all the time. Brad’s SEOLINKVINE really is
WORKING! I have one blog in the system, and adding 3 more
shortly. The article spinner works great! I get content
added every day, automatically, and constantly getting back-links.
SEO does take time but I know this is the one I am going
to stay with because, it WORKS, and the support staff, is
there, and responds. If you are looking for a similar system,
look no further, you found it. Everything they say, is true.
Thank you.”

“Rather than spending thousands in getting
people to write blog and forum comments, I can now have
articles through your system that cost far less for clients,
and get far better results. This is transforming my business!”

“Hello,my site was ranked in bing at no.
22 and after using SEOlinkvine its now no.8. SEOlinkvine
is a must have tool for every internet marketer who takes
SEO seriously.”

“Hi, my name is steve thomas and i am running
3 sites on slv . my market is the uk so is
my target . After using slv since it opened and after only
loading up a few articles to see how it goes i can tell
you the following. One of my sites target main term is “mobile
phone insurance” after using slv i can now say that
for this term at this time right now i am looking at my
site in number 2 on . (it started out at about
24) Needless to say i am very inpressesd with this and will
now be looking for an article writer to really start hotting
up my articles and links. As for my other sites i am also
seeing better ranking. Overall i am very inpressed with
slv and more over am impressed with how simple it is to
use. Keep up the fantastic work.”

“I love SEO Linkvine…I have only had it
for a month and my rankings and traffic have soared. It
is almost annoying all the emails I get because of it. Ha..just
kidding…that is a great kind of annoying. With Word Press
you have to approve the entries. I have put it on my recommendation
list. Don’t pass this up.”

“If you talk about SEOLinkVine you talk about
Brad Callen and Bryxen software. Although I am too short
in SEOLinkVine to see a change on my rankings already (but
my links are booming while I sleep), there is something
I must say to all of you who are reading this. From all
the companies I have been working with on the Net, Brad
Callen’s Bryxen software (including the personnel) have
been the most helpful and service minded of all. Besides
that, SEOLinkVine looks smoking, works like a breeze and
is extremely easy to use. Never before I heard someone talk
about search engine optimization with so much passion yet
keeping it so simple (a very rare combination). All for
a more than fair price. So what are you waiting for?”

“I haven’t been a client for long, but I
know a good idea and a friggin awesome concept when I see
one, and SEOLinkVine definetly has it. No more begging people
for links, and blog reviews, this does it for you! Thanks
Guys, I know this will be a long lasting program with my
business, and with my clients as well. Keep up the good

“I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed
and I’m very happy with this service, which I’ve used for
almost a month now. Before getting here, I’ve taken my time
and spent a bit on different internet products and services.
SeoLinkVine (along with a companion service I use for my
article spinning) are the best and highest-return services
I’ve ever signed up for. SeoLinkVine is a magic service
that was launched just when I needed it. I wonder what I
could have done without it. There’s nothing like it out
there in terms of backlinks power. As long as you can write
good quality articles and spin them properly (using a specialist
spin tool), this service will provide you with the backlinks
you need.”

“This software is brilliant! I love this
software! It gives me access to loads of backlinks from
legitimate and relevant blogs. And that means more traffic,
and more revenue, for my business. Well worth the (surprisingly
small) monthly investment. I’ve used other backlink software
before and Brad’s SEO Linkvine definitely tops them all.
Thanks Brad for a great service, I’d definitely recommend
this to anyone wanting to up their rankings in the major
search engines.”

“Being a publisher for SEOLinkVine has really
added a powerful string to my business. I like to write
articles – simple as that – and SEOLinkvine provides me
the means of getting my articles published, without having
to jump through article directory hoops. My page rankings
steadily increase each time I submit an article, and I am
very thankful for all the sites who decide to publish my

“Hey Brad, This is my first time ever sending
a testimonial on ANY product I¹ve purchased! And I¹ve
bought dozens of IM products, most of which are a flop.
I just wanted to say that I think SEOLinkVine ROCKS! I¹ve
used similar systems before, but I honestly have to say
that this one is THE most user-friendly interface I¹ve
used thus far! I love that it¹s pretty much like adding
a post into WordPress! Through the use of your system, I¹m
easily able to create versions of my articles that are average
of 85% unique, even had 2 go up to 100%, and STILL completely
human-readable and engaging, the way that I intended them
to be. Seriously, I¹ll be a member for as long as you
keep this service up! Many thanks for coming up with such
a UNIQUE system, Brad! More power to you!”

“Hello, I have only been using SEO Link
Vine for about a month now. I find that it is very user
friendly and a very easy to use program to post articles
and blog. I like the way that it shows how many times the
article was published. I look forward to using SEO Link
Vine everytime I go to blog for my husband’s company. It
is so easy, I thought it would be a headache to use and
learn and one more thing that I had to worry about trying
to help my husband with blogging. I am new to this, but
SEO Link Vine has made it so easy for me. Thanks so much
because I need something that is easy and self-explanatory.
I love it and would recommend this to anyone looking for
a way to blog and get their articles out there. Thanks again.”

“Hi, I just wanted to say thanks to Brad
and all the team at SEO Linkvine for the great, affordable
tool that is Seo Linkvine.I have several sites that I have
admitted to SEOLV, most of them brand new, and now I have
2 BRAND NEW sites that have a PR2 already in a matter of
weeks! Others have gone from total obscurity to the first
page of Google, Yahoo and Bing in the same time frame. Forget
submitting articles to individual article directories manually
all the time. In a nutshell…Highly recommended from someone
who doesn’t have too much time for article writing, submitting

“I have been using SEO LinkVine for a little
over a month now and absolutely love how easy it is to post
my articles and to grab some of the other authors targeted
articles. The results to my blog traffic have been incredible
– increase in Alexa ratings 80% in the last month. SEO LinkVine

“Hey Brad – I have been using SEOLinkVine
now for just over 3 weeks and have watched my ranking on
Google move up 12 spots for my main keyword. I have only
added a few articles so far so I know that is just the beginning
of what this system can do. This is a legitimate program
that over delivers in quality links for publishers and quality
content for the blogs in the network. Thanks for putting
this together!”

“Hi Brad, As the owner of,
I have seen, and used, quite a few article submission tools.
I have used excel to build side tools in order to get my
data ready for submission with every tool except one. That
one tool is Brad Callen’s SEOLinkVine. It is just so easy
to use. Add titles, article, and keywords, (all spinnable
of course!!) and pick your categories. That’s it. Nothing
could be simpler. SEOLinkVine even makes tracking easy with
a plugin that takes 2 minutes to install. I love SEOLinkVine!”

“I’ve only been using SEO Linkvine for a
month and I love it. The interface is great and some great
new features have already been introduced, so I feel like
Brad is committed to making it as useful as possible. I’ve
submitted content and received a lot of good links. I’ve
also added multiple websites I own to the content side and
have found it to be a great source of content. There is
total control over the approval process — manual or automatic
— which makes it quick and easy for me to get the best
content posted to my sites. Even if you’re not looking to
build links, I’d definitely recommend using the content
site of SEO Linkvine.”

“We’ve been using SEO Linkvine for a couple
months now and it’s a great way to acquire new incoming
links. We haven’t been a part of this extraordinary service
long enough yet to have seen progress in our search engine
rankings but we’re confident that we will. The system is
very easy to use and the stats are phenomenal in helping
to see where we’re at in terms of ranking for certain terms.
SEO Linkvine is definitely worth its cost in gold.”

“I am a relatively new member. I think this
program is a steal for the amount of services offered. I
specially like the fact that I can request articles of my
own choosing. No one else does that. I combine my SEOLinkvine
with a program SimplyPLR and have the best of both worlds
( original content and distribution for links to my sites.)
Kudos to the brothers.”

“I have owned seolink vine for approximately
3 weeks and I am focusing on an existing site and a new
site. Anyone who knows about seo will know that 3 weeks
is no time at all, however I can see an increase in back
links to my new site. The software shows the number of times
the articles have been accepted and published and I can
see indexed backlinks from my spun articles to my new site.
The UI is excellent and very obvious what the user needs
to do. It is also very good in the way it can except articles
thay have been previously spun. So at the moment I am very
confident that this tool will raise my sites in the search
engines, in fact the in built ranking charts have already
proved it.”

“SEOLinkvine has done TWO pretty impressive
jobs on my site. The first and most obvious is that it ranks
number one, or number two (hops back and forth) for my keyword…with
2,800,000 competing pages! The second is simply that this
has taken place with ABSOLUTELY ZERO work on my part! Allow
me to explain. A tad bit has been done, in that I believe
we’ve written four (yes that’s only 4) articles and sent
them through “the vine”. I’m getting traffic I’m
not even prepared to deal with yet!! This baby works, and
works well. Keep in mind that I’ve only started this strategy
say…about two months ago because, again, I was just getting
the ball “rolling” and really didn’t expect anything
yet. Anyways…SEOLinkvine is POWERFUL. There’s just no
other way to put it. I can’t wait until launch day so I
can unleash this thing on the web.”

“I am always looking for ways to increase
backlinks to my sites and SEOLinkVine is the perfect addition
to my link building tool set. I have been a member from
day one of the site launch and I have noticed improvements
in the majority of keywords I have been targetting in the
Serps, and I also get a consistent number of backlinks to
my sites from articles I posted previously and new ones
I am adding. I aim to post around two articles per week
to maintain a good flow of links and provide content for
the blogs on the network and this works well for my aged

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